Pete Bengry

Pete Bengry

My connection with the drum and percussion began at the age of five. It arrived as an intuitive guide, which held and supported me from childhood to adulthood. Our union became one as together we communicated deeply, I played, she listened, she spoke, I listened. I have continued this connection throughout my life, working as both a professional musician and shamanic practitioner. Later when I commenced my training in classic shamanism, I discovered that my skills and understanding the techniques 

were very natural and I knew I was at home within shamanic work. It was my core existence in life. 


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“Aligning your three Cauldrons.”

This workshop will continue on from the lecture about the three cauldrons from Celtic culture. You will receive an opportunity to connect to each Cauldrons being guided by shamanic drums and percussion. The workshop will be split into three sections of music, supporting the alignment of the three Cauldrons in your body. 


Lecture:  “The three Cauldrons.”

The three Cauldrons is from Celtic culture, which has influenced pagan mysticism and spiritual symbolism. Based on the Irish poem ‘The Cauldron of Poesy’ you will learn about the symbolism of each Cauldron and its spiritual presence. This lecture will also support the practical opportunity to align your three Cauldrons within a ceremonial workshop. 

2017. Lecture: 

Having played percussion for forty years and practiced shamanism for thirty years, my teachers in the spirit world have directed me to focus on sound rather than words. We live in a world where we are surrounded by stimulus and so we analyze information that we receive in order to understand and process. Sound from the spirit world remains pure, precise and unique to an individual. It is the genius of the body that receives 

the healing without the interpretation of the mind. Sound is a universal language, which requires no translation. Spirit talks, I listen, sound produced, healing happens.