Tatjana Kukk


Organzer of the festival

20+ years of  healing and esoteric practice  on different  tehniques. Massage, inl. vibroaustical  and  visteral (belly) massage. Spiritual and  breathing techiques. Karmatic and aura processes. Due large experience and knowlege we choose  the best way and  cure exactly suitable  for client and the sitation now and here.  Native practices  from Russian traditions, including special  cleaning  and  opening  rites. from old  Russian tradition. Also possible shamanistic  and runic  rites.

Tatjana is  member of  International Association of Health Practice Specialists (MASOP.ru)  and  ceryified  as Tradicional medicine practicioner (Russia) 

Phone. +372 56629089   naidisebja@gmail.com    Veeb:     http://leiaend.onepagefree.com/  www.naidisebja.org 

Studio:  Kentmanni 7 Tallinn, Link on map:  kuidas tulla    Photos of studio  salon, link