Healing Meditation (Darshan)

Sun 02.08 09:00
Sun 02.08 11:00

You can never understand your true nature. She withdraws herself from any knowledge, any idea or imagination No one can explain her to you.

But you can experience her… feeling, smelling, tasting… YOU are IT! timeless… limitless… eternal…I invite you to discover THAT.

THAT which we are all truly looking for!

Meeting in Silence

You are perfect, all is perfect, nothing has to be changed...

The change happens by itself when you say YES to what is.

Your suffering stops, the story ends,

You can be yourself... in every moment!

Meetings in Silence happen in a ’protected’ room. You can ask questions, share something or simply be still.

Healing Meditation (Darshan)

”You are given as much as you are willing to receive. Let go of the burden which you have carried for eternity and be flooded by love, joy, bliss. That is your destiny.”

Healing happens through your willingness to be with what is and to receive. Being healed means being whole. In the healing process all levels of humanness are addressed – from body to mind – through energy transfer, blockages are removed and suppressed and unwanted parts taken back. The life energy is allowed to flow again.