Shamans Voice- concert and a workshop, healing experience using the healing power of sound

Sat 01.08 18:00
Sat 01.08 20:00

Marcos Rodriguez “Bearcub”

The Shamans Voice

Is a concert and a workshop , a healing experience using the healing power of sound, working together with the public, going in  a trip; “ the longest way we need to walk in this  lifetime  is the way to get  from the head to the heart “ , and in that journey we need healing and help, using sacred sound and sacred instruments Marcos will guide the assistants to start this journey and to start the healing process that’s needed to move forward and to get to the Heart !

The concert includes working the sound to fortify the connection with Mother Earth, with The Universe and with Ourselves , using Drums, flutes, Shell, Kokle, Monochord and the voice this concert will be the start of a process , of a path…if you are not already there and will make you move forward if you are on the path….

Marcos Rodriguez   ”Bearcub” defines himself as ”earth native” & ”world citizen” . Well known Sound Therapist and medicine man that had played “Sound Journeys” and sound healing concerts in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Holland, Denmark and Spain, Has recorded 4 cds , 1 DVD and he is the founder of “Helandetoner Festival”.

He combines the knowledge of ”energy work “ , “healing” and “sound” to walk his own path , to heal and to teach others. Under his carrier has collaborated with many musicians and sound healers, Mediums and Medicine women/men, played at many gatherings and festivals all over Europe.

 “I play the Native American Flute to touch the heart and to heal,

 with the drum and voice I Chant to Mother Earth and to The Elements ( El Cantodel Shaman )

 with The Monochord and Overtones  I open portals to the
Universe an d I build bridges between People and the higher Dimensions