August 5th  2018

Runes  and Nordic   Traditions Day. Traditions Rituals to support us and Change the Realms at  Night

is the motif of the X international festival

Main stage:  Pete Bengry, Nadezda Bezpalova (Odessa),  Velizar, Tatjana Kukk, Maire Sirkel, Aivar Kukk.  Juri Skriptshenko, Marek Laimets, Tõnu Talimaa , Dr.Viking Viktor

The festival promises to come up with more spectacular and interesting events than in previous years. Our festival is open to all kinds of world views, languages and schools. The main themes of the festival are and will be spiritual development and self-improvement, communicating with nature, healing and psychological practices with one goal  --- understanding oneself and the world around us and reaching mental stability. The program is being compiled and will be ready in July The activities and performers confirmed by now  can be found on The work is carried out in Estonian or Russian and we hope to ensure the interpretation of every performance and practice into Estonian. Volunteers to interpret from Russian to Estonian are very welcome.

The organizers are waiting for proposals and registration. The list of activities and performers is continually updated. Many performers of previous years are coming again. 

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/leiaend.naidisebja

Soerry  of  poor info  in English. We  have to  accept   logation Estonia  and   common  "linqua franca"  as  Russian. Anyways  we  will  arrange  translation  of  english-speaking  lectors and help  you.

You  are  welcome  to  mail  or call us for  additional  info.

On behalf of the organizers: Aivar and Tatjana

Ticket prices

1 day – 40/35 euro, IN CASH  Ticket purchasing on entrance, or   via  www.fienta,com

All lectures and most of workshops are included in the ticket price

One tent space for  night 10 euro

Hostel fee – contact  the  host www.viikingitekyla.ee 


Program:  On process. To  get  in -time   info  please register.

Performers and Program:  On  process ;-D.




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